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It’s that time of the year – time to give a shout out to the artists and artworks that shone the brightest in 2013. These are works from a stellar group of artists recently joining Corbis’ contemporary collection, as well as new work from some of our more established names. Explore the best of the best, as we say thanks to our artists and their dedication to the creative process.

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Hugh Shurley – Wrestling with Souls

How does an artist combine materials, images, and thoughts to display a soul?  An emotion?  A moment?  Hugh Shurley is a decidedly traditional artist – using glass plates, found objects, sepia tones, collage.  But his images are anything but.  They are viscerally human, achingly intimate, and all about our being and our place in this world.  Are they easy to see?  Some are beautiful, some inscrutable, some offer difficult echoes of constraint and yearning.  All are striking and unmistakably his.  As Hugh asks of his viewers: “Look carefully into them and through them…”  They offer the viewer no answers, but you may find the right question.

Hugh has had numerous solo and group exhibitions in the US and abroad, and is part of the permanent collections of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Sony Corporation, and the Human Rights Campaign.  He is represented by the John Pence Gallery and his work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Premier and Genre.

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Hugh Shurley at Corbis        The Artists’ Website

Robert Brook – Ghost in the Machine

“Brightness set against dark space, the tangible ‘here’ against the unknowable ‘there’.”

Light and dark in the emptiness of the industrial landscape – Robert Brook’s ‘Less Light’ photographs find brilliance and brightness best in the blackness of an empty, commercial night.  Shooting warehouses, crumbling roads, storage facilities and just plain trash in London, Wrexham, Essex, and other UK locations, Brook finds that “it is not the strength of light which is an issue, but its difference.”  Visually stunning images and timely economic narratives are the result.  His night work has been published widely in the UK, Europe and the United States.

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Less Light Website     Robert Brook at Corbis

Nathan Griffith – Accident/Artifice

Found environments are the forté of Seattle fine art photographer Nathan Griffith.  Through signage, space, juxtaposition & irony, Nathan strips our made space of its inhabitants.  Yet his work reveals much about our strange, chaotic, created world.  Some good, some not so much.  As he says of his work, which started when he was handed his grandfather’s Rolleiflex, “I made a mess in any way I could”.  Making a mess of order & artifice – how human.

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Little Red Hen – Recent Work by Cha Davis

A little hen named Ester opened a door for Seattle artist Cha Davis – transforming her from a sometime sculptor, accordion player, cartoonist, and musician, to inspired and enthralling painter of G. gallus domesticus.  Witty, lush, and compulsively engaging, to Cha these fabulous creatures meant belonging and finding home.  What do they teach us?  As she says, “No thing is just anything.  If everyone had a relationship to that possibility, I think we’d move ahead a few steps in the long queue to our better angels.”

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